Solar Energy

UWW Rock County has a new solar photovoltaic system aimed at education and promotion of sustainable energy. Project leaders Dr. Robert McCallister, UWW Rock County professor of geography, and Dr. Dale Buechler, a UW-Platteville associate professor of engineering who teaches at UWW Rock County, welcome your ideas, questions and use of this information.

Clickable Yellow Tabs

  • Help tells you more about each part of the display and explains the electrical terms.
  • Simple charts Solar Electricity measured over time, measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). This view combines the energy of all our solar arrays. You can enlarge any chart and download a CSV data file. For even greater detail, zoom-up your browser page size.
  • Detail shows Energy, Power, Voltage, and Current for all three solar arrays. Each solar array has nine solar panels. Each array has its own color on the charts. You can compare the three arrays over time.
    • 1 PV is pole mounted and can be manually adjusted as the seasons change.
    • 2 PV is the pole mounted dual axis tracker that follows the sun across the sky each day.
    • 3 PV is the stationary awning-mounted array on the south wall of engineering.

More to Explore - Teachers, Homeowners, Businesses!

Fascinating features of our solar project, including photos and ideas useful for home, business, and classroom: UW-Rock Solar Research. We will periodically update this information. Please contact Bob McCallister at