Distance Education

The UW Colleges Distance Education Program offers courses to students at UW-Rock County using four different modes: Wisline Video, Wisline Web, streaming video or online. Both Wisline Web and compressed video courses meet on campus at specific days and times just like traditional classes, whereas online courses and streaming video are taken entirely over the Internet. Classes in all of these modes are taught by a variety of faculty from various campuses throughout the UW Colleges system.

Wisline Video

courses use video, audio, and computer links so that faculty and students can see each other in a real-time setting (via a networked video camera system), as well as converse and edit each other's documents even though they are not in the same room.

Wisline Web

courses use an audio and computer link so that the faculty and students can talk to each other and edit each other's documents in a real-time classroom setting even though they are not all in the same room. 

Video On-Demand – Streaming Video

courses are delivered to students using a course web site and modules on D2L. Students complete modules, submit homework via e-mail, and take a final exam to complete the course requirements. There is no "seat time" requirement (that is, set hours that a student must actively participate in the class); however, coursework amounts and time commitment for coursework completion are the same as in traditional classes. Correspondence with the instructor is done via e-mail.

Online Web-Based Courses

Never meet at a particular time or place although they are structured within an academic semester time frame. With a personal computer and the Internet, students attend class by reading lecture notes, interact with their professor via e-mail, participate in discussion groups with fellow students, download reference materials and revisit lecture notes at any time. Offline reading and regular assignments are also part of the curriculum. Online courses are described in more detail at:

If you have further questions regarding any distance education course offered through UW-Rock County, please contact the campus Instructional Technology Specialist at 608-758-6565 ext. 185.