UW-Rock County fall 2017 Dean’s List announced

By Shawna Connor

University of Wisconsin-Rock County Campus Administrator Kristin Fillhouer has announced the names of students recognized for their academic achievements during the fall 2017 semester which ended in December.  To be named to the Dean’s List, a full-time student must complete a minimum of 12 credits. Part-time students are eligible when they have completed at least 15 credits with a cumulative grade point average (gpa) of 3.5 and have carried at least three credits during the current semester.  Highest Honors are awarded those earning a gpa of 4.0 on a 4.0 scale. High Honors are awarded students earning a 3.99 - 3.75. Students earning a 3.74 - 3.5 are awarded Honors.

Highest Honors


Full-time students awarded Highest Honors are:

Taylor Alexander of Rockton;

Heather Briggs of Janesville;

Alissa Cassady of Beloit;

Max Cepeda of Milton;

John Craker of Janesville;

Joshua Cullum of Janesville;

Margo Diener of Evansville;

Samantha Duvall of Janesville;

Angelica Dykstra of Janesville;

Michaela Ginter of Edgerton;

Alije Iseini of Janesville;

Isaiah Janisch of Evansville;

Keegan Jauch of Janesville;

Emily Mauerman of Brodhead;

Alayna Mitchell of Janesville;

Meghan Phillips of Milton;

Morgan Przybyla of Janesville;

Janis Rustad of Janesville;

Brandon Schmidt of Elkhorn; and,

Jaimee Swanson of Janesville.


Part-time students who earned Highest Honors are:

Rose Atkinson of Edgerton;

Penny Hazeltine of Janesville;

Kailey Hughes of Janesville;

Shuning Li of China;

Danielle McCarthy of Janesville;

Joshua Meyer of Janesville;

Stephanie Moran of Janesville;

Michelle Nadowski of Madison;

Aaron Schnatterly of Monroe;

Mitchell Thurner of Janesville;

Melissa Turner of Delavan; and,

Daniel Wilkinson of Janesville.



High Honors

Full-time students awarded High Honors are:

Sena Atkinson of Darien;

Douglas Bailey of Janesville;

Aldo Balli of Clinton;

Kaylea Bear of Monroe;

Rosalee Bolton of Janesville;

Logan Bradley of La Farge;

Hannah Brandt of Milton;

Sarah Bridges of Janesville;

Noah Brown of Evansville;

Emilie Cerny of Sharon;

Emily Dean of Elkhorn;

Kaitlyn Dempsey of Edgerton;

Abby Dragas of Roscoe;

Adrianna Ellefson of Milton;

Stephanie Farrey of Whitewater;

Alissa Hantka of Orfordville;

Austin Hegle of Janesville;

Kelsey Hoesly of Albany;

Heidi Hogans of Janesville;

Allison-Mae Johnson of Janesville;

Kennedy Knopes of Janesville;

Jeffery Knudson of Beloit;

Nicholas Kwarciany of Milton;

Breanna Lawrence of Evansville;

Sierra Loiacano of Janesville;

Linh Nguyen of Vietnam;

Bradley Onsgard of Orfordville;

Mitchel Pham of Beloit;

Morgan Ruosch of Janesville;

Hailey Russell of Kenosha;

Jeremiah Seel of Janesville;

Courtney Sigmund of Janesville;

Nicole Sittarich of Janesville;

Courtney Vincent of Janesville;

Joshua Widner of Janesville;

Mason Williams of Beloit; and,

Megumi Wolf of Janesville.


Part-time students awarded High Honors are:

Katelyn Bailey of Janesville;

Chadwick Puntney of Janesville;

Allison Rollete of Janesville; and,

Talat Taj of Clinton.



Full-time students awarded Honors are:

Michelle Arenas of Janesville;

Karissa Berg of Janesville;

Cosette Bergeron of Milton;

Kindra Buggs of Janesville;

Francis Castro of Beloit;

Alexander Cottrell of Beloit;

Hannah Dennis of Delavan;

Brittany Disch of Monroe;

Phuong Doan of Williams Bay;

Deo Edwards of Beloit;

Jordan Fulk of Beloit;

Bailey Gohde of Janesville;

Leann Grahler of Elkhorn;

Violet Grinder of Janesville;

Kailey Hessler of Beloit;

Alexis Hilliard of Monroe;

Adam Huber of Janesville;

Jacqueline Hudson of Footville;

Grace Jass of Milton;

Taylor Jones of Janesville;

Rylee Jonuska of Janesville;

Jacob Kealy of Janesville;

Kyleigh Kreager of Beloit;

Caitlin Lees of Janesville;

Colton Mosley of Janesville;

Alex Nipple of Brodhead;

Sydnee Palmer of Edgerton;

Ryan Ping of Janesville;

Hunter Purnell of Janesville;

Rebecca Raum of Leaf River;

Samuel Reilly of Edgerton;

Aislinn Rufer of Brodhead;

Kennedy Schuenke of Janesville;

Alyssa Soliday of Janesville;

Megan Stephens of Argyle;

Joelle Strand of Orfordville;

Ariana Torres of Delavan;

Allison Vander Kooi of Beloit;

Rigoberto Varela of Janesville;

Crystal Wescott of Springfield;

Megan Woolsey of Janesville; and,

Kaneya Young of Beloit.


Part-time students awarded Honors are:

Samuel Burkhalter of Elkhorn;

Robert Evans of Edgerton;

Dillon Neuzil of Janesville;

Courtney Rubeck of Janesville; and,

Evelyn Stenseng of Janesville.


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Shawna Connor