Fall 2018 Dean's List

By Tricia Clasen

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater at Rock County Interim Dean, Tricia Clasen, is proud to announce the names of students recognized for their academic achievements during the Fall 2018 semester which ended in December. To be named to the Dean’s List, a full-time student must complete a minimum of 12 credits. Part-time students are eligible when they have completed at least 15 credits with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 and have carried at least three credits during the current semester. Highest honors are awarded those earning a GPA of 4.0 on a 4.0 scale. High Honors are awarded students earning 3.99-3.75. Students earning 3.74-3.5 are awarded Honors.

“Earning a spot on the Dean’s List is a reflection of our students’ strong record of academic achievement,” said Provost Susan Elrod. “In classrooms and laboratories — and out in the field — our Warhawks are succeeding in myriad ways. I’d like to extend my congratulations to these hardworking students on this well-deserved recognition.”


Highest Honors

Tyler Robert Allen of Madison, WI

Alissa Lynn Cassady of Beloit, WI

Margo Nicole Diener of Evansville, WI

Samantha Marie Duvall of Janesville, WI

Nancy Espana of Whitewater, WI

Stephanie Lucille Farrey of Whitewater, WI

Haley Noelle Freitag of Albany, WI

Savannah Goicoechea of Beloit, WI

Seth Adam Gravert of Janesville, WI

Jingwei He of Ningbo, China

Aja Rae Hill of Edgerton, WI

Jason Michael James of Madison, WI

Keegan Jauch of Janesville, WI

Hunter Thomas Kafka of Janesville, WI

Danielle Marita Kronau of Edgerton, WI

Brock Krehl Mackinnis of Janesville, WI

Sarah Elizabeth McCue of Edgerton, WI

Zane David Mades of Janesville, WI

Emily Jean Mauerman of Brodhead, WI

Mackenzee A Menehan of Monroe, WI

Jeremiah Christopher Mathews of Janesville, WI

Meghan Carol Phillips of Milton, WI

Trevor Joseph Rambatt of Sharon, WI

Rebecca Renae Reeves of Stoughton, WI

Nicholas J. Silveus of Janesville, WI

Danielle Elizabeth Smith of Janesville, WI

Courtney Ann Vincent of Janesville, WI

Jared Douglas Wells of Walworth, WI

Tabitha Anne Whitehead of Janesville, WI

Chie Maria Wolf of Janesville, WI


High Honors

Shania Lee Berg of Beloit, WI

Mya Monet Black of Janesville, WI

Robert Luis Boden of Janesville, WI

Noah Michael Brown of Evansville, WI

John Meigs Butler of Janesville, WI

Samantha Jean Champion of Janesville, WI

Alexander Michael Cottrell of Beloit, WI

Kaitlyn Chantal Dempsey of Edgerton, WI

Zachary Alan Draeving of Beloit, WI

Adrianna Ellefson of Milton, WI

Jordan Scott Fulk of Beloit, WI

Avishai Galvan of Beloit, WI

Michaela L Ginter of Edgerton, WI

Luciana Gracelynn Burns-Dwyer of Janesville, WI

Chayla Ann Griffin of Milwaukee, WI

Ashley Ann Hansen of Walworth, WI

Cade Hookstead of Milton, WI

Austin Tyler Houfe of Edgerton, WI

Ashley Ann Hansen of Beloit, WI

Abby Jo Harnack of Beloit, WI

Abrianna Georgia Hegle of Janesville, WI

Mitchel Amos Henneman of Janesville, WI

Jacob Christopher Kealy of Janesville, WI

Kennedy Ashley Knopes of Janesville, WI

Kyler Austin Larson of Janesville, WI

Travis Allan Larson of Milton, WI

Pa Chi Melissa Lee of Milton, WI

Lisalet Christina Messer of Beloit, WI

Bryce Edmund Mitchell of Janesville, WI

Grant Mosley of Janesville, WI

Maryna Valeriyvna Oliinyk of Janesville, WI

Jiahua Pan of Shijiazhuang, China

Riley Jon Parkhurst of Janesville, WI

Hailey Kristine Peterson of Janesville, WI

Mitchel David Pham of Janesville, WI

Jared Brady Quinn of Janesville, WI

Rebecca Lynn Raum of Leaf River, IL

Rachel Marie Rogers form Milton, WI

Justin Thomas Roehl of Janesville, WI

Nathaniel Rudser of Evansville, WI

Morgan Amber Ruosch of Janesville, WI

Janis Elise Rustad of Janesville, WI

Brody Thomas Skaleski of Janesville, WI

Alyssa Alexandra Soliday of Janesville, WI

Crystal N Staker of Janesville, WI

Keegan Michael Sweeney of Janesville, WI

Clover Lee Thrasher of Edgerton, WI

Cole William Tschetter of Janesville, WI

Mason Samuel Williams of Beloit, WI

Kaiming Xia of Suzhou, China

Geoffrey Issac Yoerger of Evansville, WI

Yang Zhou of Ningbo, China



Sawyer D Allison of Janesville, WI

Zoe Lynn Anderson of Janesville, WI

Chloe Frances Attalla of Janesville, WI

Alicia Marie Audrey of Milton, WI

Anna Kathleen Baker of Beloit, WI

Aldo Gabriel Balli of Clinton, WI

Kaylea Shay Bear of Monroe, WI

Tristan Edward Berliew of Janesville, WI

Jordyn Elissa Bickle of Janesville, WI

Kindra Allison Buggs of Janesville, WI

Madalyn Clark of Janesville, WI

Robert Joseph Cullen of Milton, WI

Mason Ina Demrow of Edgerton, WI

Lirijana Emini of Janesville, WI

Jennae Michelle Fairman of Janesville, WI

Iris Ellen Fanning of Janesville, WI

Bailey James Hawkins of Brodhead, WI

Kyle Hulbert of Albany, WI

Skyler Coleton Hutter of Beloit, WI

Dardane Iseini of Janesville, WI

Tiffany Nicole Kempton of Janesville, WI

Jacob Tyler Klein of Franklin, WI

Jeffery Alexander Knudson of Beloit, WI

Skylar Marquette Lassen of Monroe, WI

Lindsey Maryann Lindemann of Evansville, WI

Hunter Gavin Little of Janesville, WI

Abigail Elizabeth Lynes of Janesville, WI

Ashley Marie Martin of Beloit, WI

Ana Sofia McMahon of Orfordville, WI

Kelsi Jo Mueller of Monroe, WI

Hannah Marie Neild of Evansville, WI

McKenzie Lynn O’Bel of Evansville, WI

Maria Olague of Sharon, WI

Randy R Pedretti of Beloit, WI

Alyssa Michelle Pelletier of Beloit, WI

Zion Sadeem Person of Janesville, WI

Erica Noel Richardson of Edgerton, WI

Kennedy Grace Schuenke of Janesville, WI

Andrew James Shuler of Janesville, WI

Nicole Kimberly Sittarich of Janesville, WI

Joshua Bruce Soderstrom of Orfordville, WI

Alexandria Rainn Steinke of Janesville, WI

Jacob Thomas Taylor of Beloit, WI

Sierra Jessie Thiering of Beloit, WI

Erik Mikal Tollefsrud of Janesville, WI

Allison Janet Vander Kooi of Beloit, WI

Dakota Hunter Vaughn of Beloit, WI

Trinity Brianne Wilson of Beloit, WI

Bobby Donald Wolter of Brodhead, WI

Xinyi Zhu of Wuxi, China


Part Time Students

Highest Honors

Sena Lynn Atkinson of Darien, WI

Robert Evans of Beloit, WI

Rhiannon Taylor Gomez of Janesville, WI

Isaiah Warren Janisch of Evansville, WI

Rachel Kas of Janesville, WI

Abigail Jean Nimtz of Clinton, WI

Samantha Oldenburg of Beloit, WI

Molly Jo Prater of Beloit, WI


High Honors

Deo John Edwards of Beloit, WI

Sky Johnston of Brodhead, WI

Joshua Paul Meyer of Janesville, WI



Heidi Lynn Hogans of Janesville, WI

Holley Nicole Hulmes of Rockton, IL

Michelle Nadowski of Madison, WI

Hunter Thomas Purnell of Janesville, WI

Allison Ann Rollette of Janesville, WI



Tricia Clasen