“Contact-Induced Language Change” topic of Maddux free lecture

By UW-Rock County

(Janesville, Wis.) The University of Wisconsin-Rock County Performing Arts and Lecture Series is pleased to announce “Contact-Induced Language Change," a lecture by Assistant Professor Nate Maddux.  This event is free and open to the public; Friday, May 4 at noon in Hyatt Smith Hall (HS-06) on the UW-Rock County campus.   

Maddux will begin with pop culture examples as a basis for showing why languages in regional situations exhibit quirks (for example: "Why does great grandpa from up near Sheboygan pronounce the word edge like ‘etch’?"). 

For more information about this event, contact the UW-Rock County campus at 608.758.6565.  To learn more about UW-Rock County, visit rock.uwc.edu.




Nate Maddux
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