Fitness Center/Open Gym

Fitness Center

The fitness center located in the Frank Holt Gymnasium was renovated in Fall 2014 when the Student Government Association purchased new flooring and equipment. It is open for student, staff and faculty use. 

Hours of availability:

Please see the door of the facility for current hours. 

Also, there may be other times when special events are scheduled.  These times will be posted a few days in advance whenever possible.

Sheet:

There will be a sign-in sheet on the table near the fitness center.  Please sign in so we know how often the new fitness center is being used.  You normally won’t be required to show a student ID, however please bring it with you in case any questions arise.

Safety Training:

At UW-Rock County, we take the safety of students and staff very seriously.  Because of this, everyone who wishes to use the fitness center will be required to meet with a Fitness Center Supervisor for a very brief 5 – 10 minute training to discuss the use of the equipment.  This safety training is only required at the beginning of your first visit.  Please meet with Rafael Ramirez (HES instructor) or one of the student workers for the training.

Open Gym:

The Frank Holt Gymnasium is available for basketball, running and walking during times the fitness center is open when classes are not being held in the gym.

Occasionally, the basketball coaches will schedule open gyms at times other than those listed. Check the basketball page for more information.