John Pruitt

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John Pruitt

Associate Professor

UW-Rock County
2909 Kellogg Avenue
Janesville, Wisconsin 53546
(608) 758-6565 x730
Office Hours / Schedule 

Andrews 256, M-Th, 7:30a-9a and by appt


I’m making the world a safer and cooler place for English teachers and their students.

Curriculum Vitae 

"Common Queer Readers Band Together on YouTube,” under consideration for Popular Culture Studies.

“LGBT Literature Courses and Questions of Canonicity,” College English 79.1 (2016): 81-105.

“Heterosexual Readers in Search of Queer Authenticity through Self-Selected LGBT Novels,” Teaching English in the Two-Year College 42.4 (2015): 359-74. Print.

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Ph.D., English, Ohio University
M.A., Film Studies, University of Colorado at Denver
B.A., English, Florida State University