TRIO makes a difference in the lives of students. Nationwide, students in TRIO are more than twice as likely to get their degree as students from similar backgrounds who do not participate in TRIO. At UWW Rock County, TRIO aims to provide equal educational opportunities for 150 highly motivated, eligible students seeking their college degree.


TRIO serves 150 students who are first-generation, low-income or disabled.

If neither one of your parents has earned a bachelor's degree or if you have a diagnosed learning ability or any physical disability, or if you meet federal low-income guidelines, TRIO is for you!

If you aren't sure if you meet any of these criteria, make an appointment to see one of our advisors who will help determine your eligibility.


If you are eligible, it is necessary to make a half-hour appointment with one of our advisors. The advisor will help you complete some paperwork and discuss your unique needs and how TRIO can assist you in earning your four-year degree.


Since 1965, more than two million students have earned a college degree through the support of TRIO programs nationwide.

The original TRIO program in the UW Colleges began at UW-Waukesha in the late 1970s. The program now includes UWW Rock County and UW-Marathon County.

At UWW Rock County, TRIO has been empowering students since 1980, and many have gone on to earn their four-year degree at schools around the state and nation. The success of these students can be seen on the TRIO Wall that hangs in TRIO/Learning Support Center Office in Andrews 02. This display lists students' names, their graduating institution and their degree and the date of its completion. Names are regularly added to the TRIO Wall as students share their success stories.


  • Call: 608-758-6565 ext. 450
  • Stop by: Room A02 in Andrews Hall
  • E-mail:

All requests will be answered as quickly as possible.

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“TRIO made me feel less alone during this new experience of college. There was someone to talk to, someone to answer my questions, and someone to learn from. I was hesitant to return to school because I didn't like high school, but TRIO built my confidence by helping me meet other students, hiring me as a tutor, and helping me transition back into school.”

Crystal Stone
TRIO graduate
Clinical Data Specialist, Guidant Corporation, St. Paul, MN
BS Biomedical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison


“Without the TRIO Program, I probably could have slipped by, but with C's rather than A's and B's. So take advantage of the great opportunities and support available from the helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable TRIO staff.”

– Chad Larson
TRIO student


“I always knew that I had the tools to be a good student; I just didn't know how to use them. The people involved with TRIO taught me how to use my tools. I am extremely proud to say that after joining TRIO, my GPA is now high enough to get accepted into the School of Business at UW-Whitewater.”

– Paul Huffman
TRIO student


“I discovered that TRIO is staffed with professionals who are supportive of my educational success. They continue to assist me in developing the skills I need to get the most out of my college education. Such services as one-on-one tutoring and group study skills in math and English have been very rewarding, and I urge all new TRIO students to take full advantage of them.”