Why choose UW-Whitewater at Rock County?

Students study at a computer at UW-Rock County

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On top of all the great reasons to attend UW Colleges, each of the campuses stand out in their own way. Here are just a few reasons why UWW Rock County could be the U for You!  

1) Study at a modern campus in a convenient location 

UWW Rock County is situated in the city of Janesville and features state of the art facilities including a new library, computer labs, classrooms and an engineering center. Students can take a short drive from campus to see the sites at major cities like Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago. 

2) Receive personalized attention from faculty and staff 

With a student population of around 1100, UWW Rock County offers a private school feel at a public school price. The campus’ exceptional faculty and staff make sure every student gets the instruction, guidance and attention they deserve. 

3) Play or sing in a campus music ensemble 

Students interested in playing music on campus have no shortage of options. From jazz band, to chamber orchestra, concert choir to concert band, students have plenty of opportunities to meet new people, develop their skills and share their musical talents with the community. 

4) Get creative with Imagination Inc. student publishing 

UWW Rock County’s Imagination Inc. regularly publishes creative work from students, hosts book discussions and provides a space for those interested to share their love of creative arts. Students can share their writing, drawing, photography and poetry with a wide audience of their peers, faculty and community members. 

5) Find or cultivate your passion by joining a student organization 

From fencing to science fiction, student government to engineering, UWW Rock County has more than 20 student organizations covering a wide variety of interests. These clubs allow students to get involved with campus life, develop a passion, form lifelong friendships and earn leadership experience during their time on campus. 

6) Play a college sport 

Students  at UWW Rock County don't have to leave the sports they love behind when they finish high school. They have the opportunity to play a college sport  as part of the UWW Rock County Rattlers athletic teams

7) See famous art, or contribute an original piece to the campus art gallery 

UWW Rock County’s Theodore Robinson Art Gallery regularly hosts student works, traveling exhibits and national visiting artists. Students can see world renowned art or contribute their own work to the gallery. 

8) Perform on stage as part of the campus theatre department 

Students, faculty and community members come together at UWW Rock County to put on entertaining theatre productions every year. Students can develop skills and gain valuable experience by acting in a production, working behind the scenes or building sets. 

9) Focus on green energy with the UW-Whitewater at Rock County Solar Project 

UWW Rock County’s Solar Energy program is a unique opportunity for students to learn about the latest technology in sustainable energy. Students can get hands on experience, learn the engineering fundamentals behind solar energy and get exposure to a budding, exciting career field. 

10) Scholarships from the UW-Whitewater at Rock County Foundation and Alumni 

Students can earn thousands of dollars’ worth of scholarships from the UWW Rock County Foundation to pay for their schooling. It’s one more way UW Colleges makes higher education affordable.