H.S. Counselor Resources

UW-Rock County offers a number of resources to help your students and their parents learn about college options, either on your campus or ours -- and we may even be able to help with transportation costs.

On your campus:

  • Dual Enrollment Programs - High school students take UW-Rock County courses on your campus.
  • One-Stop Admissions Workshops - Before the end of your school year, we can come to your campus and help high school seniors finalize their admission no matter where they are in the process.
  • Financial Aid 101 Workshop - A top concern for parents and students is how to pay for college and we’ll help take away some of the confusion with free workshops that cover the types of aid available, how to apply for it and more.
  • Recruiter visits - Our recruiter can talk to interested students directly either in a classroom setting, during lunch hours at a table or during career fairs, conferences or other events.
  • Other presentations - If you have a topic in mind about an area of study, scholarships, college readiness or more, we can connect you to faculty and Student Services staff with the expertise you need.

At UW-Rock County:

  • Campus Tours and Previews - Bring your groups out to learn first-hand about the campus through a tour or a half-day experience.We are also happy to accommodate student groups on our campus for tours led by one of our student ambassadors and sessions on getting ready for college.
  • Youth Options - Students take UW-Rock County courses on our campus while still in high school.
  • College Success Series Workshops - These free workshops are open to any student thinking of going to any college or university to help them navigate the process.
  • Other events and collaborations - We can work with special populations, collaborate on events and help provide a variety of services. Just call the number below to discuss your needs and how we can help!

UW-Rock County staff are ready to work with you to get the best information out to your students about college readiness, application processes, test taking, financial aid and general information about the programs at UW-Rock County. To arrange any of these services, call (608) 758-6565 ext. 200.

Counselor Breakfast

December counselor breakfasts are a great way to connect with your counterparts at area schools and to learn the latest information about what is going on around UW-Rock County and what's coming up in the near future. Watch for more information about other opportunities for middle and high school counselors to learn about UW-Rock County and visit the campus.

ACT Strategies

The Office of Continuing Education at UW-Rock County offers a series of courses to prepare high school students for taking the ACT exam. These courses have been shown to increase a student's score by several points between the pre-test and the post-test. Discover more about the College Prep Program.

Application Workshops

These workshops help students complete the University of Wisconsin- Online Admission Application. All students are welcome to attend if they would like more information on how to complete the online application. It’s not a workshop to actually complete the application. It’s a workshop to go through the application process and inform students on what information is needed to complete the application and what kinds of questions are asked. The workshop is open to all students who are interested in applying to any institutions within the University of Wisconsin System. UW-Rock County is part of the University of Wisconsin System, but students do not have to be interested in UW-Rock County to attend the workshop. These workshops are sometimes offered before the Campus Previews.