Students Walking Outside Allen Hall
UW-Rock County provides many resources to the community, from offering facility rentals and partnering in collaborative programs to developing customized training sessions and providing expertise in a variety of areas. How can you, your business or organization partner with UW-Rock County?
UW-Rock County Graduates
The UW-Rock County Foundation provides much-needed scholarships, professional development, non-budget items, and community programming for the UW-Rock County campus. Your gift to the Foundation to help in these efforts is appreciated.
Professor with Students and Solar Panels
The solar project at UW-Rock County allows our students, as well as teachers, children, homeowners and businesses in the area, to learn first-hand about alternative energy. 
Stained Glass Course with Continuing Education
The Office of Continuing Education offers courses and programs for kids, high school students, and adults of all ages that allow participants to learn new skills, enrich their personal lives, advance professionally and broaden their horizons.
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UW-Rock County is a valuable resource for the community. It serves not only the needs of students for quality post-secondary education, but also the needs of the community for continuing education, cultural events and faculty expertise in many disciplines.