UW-Rock County spring 2017 Dean’s List announced

By UW-Rock County

University of Wisconsin-Rock County Campus Administrator Kristin Fillhouer has announced the names of students recognized for their academic achievements during the spring 2017 semester which ended in May.

To be named to the Dean’s List, a full-time student must complete a minimum of 12 credits. Part-time students are eligible when they have completed at least 15 credits with a cumulative grade point average (gpa) of 3.5 and have carried at least three credits during the current semester.

Highest Honors are awarded those earning a gpa of 4.0 on a 4.0 scale. High Honors are awarded to students earning a 3.99 - 3.75. Students earning a 3.74 - 3.5 are awarded Honors.


Highest Honors

              Full-time students awarded Highest Honors are:

Zen Johnston of Brodhead;

Ian Van Zandt of Clinton;

Rose Atkinson of Edgerton;

Kaitlyn Dempsey of Edgerton;

Samuel Burkhalter of Elkhorn;

Brandon Schmidt of Elkhorn;

Isiah Janisch of Evansville;

Sarah Bridges of Janesville;

Austin Hegle of Janesville;

Alije Iseini of Janesville;

Frankie Lara of Janesville;

Alayna Mitchell of Janesville;

Nathan Sawyer of Janesville;

Jeremiah Seel of Janesville;

Jacob Slowey of Janesville;

Jaimee Swanson of Janesville;

Mitchell Thurner of Janesville;

Matthew Tyler of Janesville;

Allison Woldt-Chapman of Janesville;

Rachel Mortensen of Madison;

Payton Hookstead of Milton;

Grace Jass of Milton;

Alex Borowitz of Monroe;

KC Tennant of Roscoe; and,

Emilie Cerny of Sharon.


              Part-time students awarded Highest Honors are:

Cortney Cox of Beloit;

Jeffrey Edwards of Beloit;

Cara Ford of Beloit;

Nicholas Keller of Clinton;

Robert Evans of Edgerton;

Atdhe Berbatovci of Janesville;

John Craker of Janesville;

Matthew Morrison of Janesville;

Steven Stalsberg of Janesville;

Kristopher Strebe of Janesville;

Justine Dummer of Milton;

Aaron Schnatterly of Monroe;

Jenna Larsen of Orfordville; and,

Michael Gough of Windsor.


High Honors

              Full-time students awarded High Honors are:

Maclain Dodson of Beloit;

Tristan Duelge of Beloit;

Kailey Hessler of Beloit;

Adrian Montero of Beloit;

Brandon Perez of Beloit;

Kiaira Richard of Beloit;

Courtney Schindler of Beloit;

Hannah Savage of Brodhead;

Hayley Shelton of Brodhead;

Shuning Li of China;

Brittany Jordan of Clinton;

Kyle Mancheski of Edgerton;

Sydnee Palmer of Edgerton;

Noah Brown of Evansville;

Roren Finney of Genoa City;

Katelyn Bailey of Janesville;

Haley Brady of Janesville;

Destiny Herndon of Janesville;

Olivia Hunt of Janesville;

Katharine Jelinek of Janesville;

Conner Kelley of Janesville;

Preston Laws of Janesville;

Stephanie Moran of Janesville;

Caleb Powers of Janesville;

Morgan Przybyla of Janesville;

Chadwick Puntney of Janesville;

Amanda Richards of Janesville;

Evelyn Stenseng of Janesville;

Kyle Sullivan of Janesville;

Crystal Wescott of Janesville;

Joshua Marass of Juda;

Max Cepeda of Milton;

Samantha Soddy of Milton;

Ana Colunga of Orfordville;

Patrick Fitzgerald of Orfordville;

Abby Dragas of Roscoe;

Cody Linstead of Roscoe;

Selena Bravo of Sharon;

Kyra Wilger of Stoughton; and,

Jeremy Chinn of Whitewater.


              Part-time students awarded High Honors are:

Toni Forrester of Janesville;

Skylar Kafka of Janesville;

Courtney Rubeck of Janesville; and,

Emily Yeadon of Janesville.




         Full-time students awarded Honors are:

Francis Castro of Beloit;

Shane Davie of Beloit;

Sarah Deegan of Beloit;

Holly Erickson of Beloit;

Erin Fournier-Sanchez of Beloit;

Austin Stauffacher of Beloit;

Perri Thompson of Beloit;

Noah Zentner of Beloit;

Kylie Condon of Brodhead;

Madeline Allen of Clinton;

Nicole King of Clinton;

Lauren Rusch of Clinton;

Sena Atkinson of Darien;

Danielle Kronau of Edgerton;

Tylerlee Larson of Edgerton;

Cassandra Moninger of Edgerton;

Hitomi Okumura of Edgerton;

Madeline Westrick of Fort Atkinson;

Allison August of Janesville;

Karmen Bailey of Janesville;

Simone Birkolz of Janesville;

Joshua Brown of Janesville;

Joshua Clay of Janesville;

Zachary Clowes of Janesville;

Shawn Cullen of Janesville;

Angelica Dykstra of Janesville;

Djellza Gashi of Janesville;

Gabrielle Geller of Janesville;

Andrew Johnson of Janesville;

Jordan Keller of Janesville;

Zachary Kienbaum of Janesville;

Kennedy Knopes of Janesville;

Jakob Nelson of Janesville;

Ryan Ping of Janesville;

Hunter Purnell of Janesville;

Joseph Schauf of Janesville;

Ashlie Severson of Janesville;

Courney Sigmun of Janesville;

Amber Stewart of Janesville;

Nicholas Kwarciany of Milton;

Adam Medina of Milton;

Yesenia Bautista of Monona;

Olivia Isenberger of Orfordville;

Joelle Strand of Orfordville;

Megan Galarowicz of Sister Bay;

Matthew Murphy of Stoughton;

Emma Breaux-Hansen of Whitewater; and,

Alexandra Shukis of Williams Bay.


              Part-time students awarded Honors are:

Elizabeth Gathof of Beloit;

Anna Swenson of Beloit;

Richard Schmitz of Edgerton; and,

Heather Briggs of Janesville.


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Shawna Connor