Tending the Fire in FDR’s White House

A free, community event hosted by University of Wisconsin-Rock County
By UW-Rock County

(Janesville, Wis.) - On Thursday, October 5, Dr. Steven Sheehan, associate professor of history at University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley, will explore how members of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration researched, compiled and drafted his Fireside Chats and how those advisers and writers shaped national policy and permanently transformed politics along the way.  This presentation is free and open to the public from 6:30 - 8 p.m. in Allen Hall 106 on the University of Wisconsin-Rock County campus.

During his presidency, Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered 30 Fireside Chats—speeches broadcast live over network radio.  Roosevelt was the first president to adopt this form of communication, creating the sense that he was sitting down with individual citizens to talk with them by their firesides. 

While these speeches sounded much less formal than those of prior presidents, the fact is a team of advisers and writers deliberately and carefully cultivated their conversational tone through a complex writing process.  Dr. Sheehan will share more about this process during his presentation.

For more information about this presentation, contact Associate Professor of History Dr. Elizabeth Jozwiak at 608.758.6565.x735 or elizabeth.jozwiak@uwc.edu.  For more information about UW-Rock County, visit rock.uwc.edu. 




Dr. Elizabeth Jozwiak
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