New literacy workshop series covers voting, online, legal, schools and scholarships

By UW-Rock County

The University of Wisconsin-Rock County is offering a series of workshops intended to build on literacy skills in a variety of topics that are useful to both students and the community.  Subject matter includes voting, online, legal, school system and scholarship literacy.  All workshops are free and open to the public. 

"These workshops are a great way for students and members of the community to develop literacy skills on everything from navigating election ballots, to rental leases, to researching on the Internet,” explains Assistant Professor of English Ken Brosky.  “Oftentimes, something as 'easy' as voting can feel overwhelming once you're in the ballot booth and realize you're not familiar with the process or even the initiatives you get to vote on. Even using the Internet for research can be confusing and difficult when technology changes so quickly," he adds.

All literacy workshops are offered from 12-12:50 p.m. in the Allen Hall computer lab AH03/04 (basement of Allen Hall) on the UW-Rock County campus.  Workshops offered in 2016 include:

11/2: Voting Literacy
Students and visitors will learn the nuances of finding a voting place, ballot awareness, and voting law. 

11/9: Online Literacy: Strategies for navigating and assessing web articles
Students and visitors will learn about resource information: how to weed through the forest to get the reliable information you need. 

11/16: Legal Document Literacy (taxes, leases, etc.)
Understanding legal documents like FAFSA forms, rental leases, and more will be addressed and discussed. What do you do when things go wrong? This will also be discussed. 

11/30: School System Literacy
Students and visitors will learn more about notifications and forms sent out by school districts, including emergency notifications and email notifications, as well as touching on Common Core. 

12/7: Scholarship Literacy: Foundation Scholarship Workshop
Students will learn how to apply for workshops, develop workshops with peers, and learn how to apply for scholarships. 


For more information regarding upcoming workshops contact UW-Rock County Associate Professor of English Ken Brosky at 608.758.6565 x752 or  For more information about the UW-Rock County campus or additional campus events visit 






Kenneth Brosky
608.758.6565 x752