Fall 2016 graduates announced

Commencement scheduled for Tuesday, May 23 at 6:30 p.m.
By Shawna Connor

(Janesville, Wis.) Fifty-three students recently earned the Associate of Arts & Science (AA&S) degree from the University of Wisconsin–Rock County. 

AA&S degree recipients for fall 2016 are:

  • Karen Lopez Arteaga of Beloit;
  • Flor Finley of Beloit;
  • Sherri Forrest of Beloit;
  • Emily Hansen of Beloit;
  • Lonnie Haynes of Beloit;
  • Andrew Hill of Beloit;
  • Katie Kroening-Vance of Beloit;
  • Holly Mann of South Beloit;
  • Calvin Martin of Beloit;
  • Erin McCawley of Beloit;
  • Mariana Ramirez of Beloit;
  • Sakisha Smith of Beloit;
  • Emma Stultz of Beloit;
  • Aaron Thompson of Beloit;
  • Taylor Torkelson of Beloit;
  • Kayla Washburn of Beloit;
  • Melissa Tollison of Edgerton;
  • Dakota White of Edgerton;
  • Sydney Badeau of Evansville;
  • Tylar Frame of Evansville;
  • Lindsay Miller of Evansville;
  • Kyle Woodstock of Evansville;
  • Daniela Aguilar of Janesville;
  • Cayla Arellano of Janesville;
  • Sabrina Barwick of Janesville;
  • Garett Burns of Janesville;
  • Denise Camacho of Janesville;
  • Peter Cummings of Janesville;
  • Alexandra Dahlgren of Janesville;
  • Zaida De La O of Janesville,
  • Matthew Fehlman of Janesville;
  • Jonathan Flory of Janesville;
  • Aaron Fredricks of Janesville;
  • Holly Havens of Janesville;
  • Joshua Heerey of Milton;
  • Michelle Herzog of Janesville;
  • Miranda Huffar of Janesville;
  • Brandon Jass of Janesville;
  • Steven Jones of Janesville;
  • Matthew Kaminski of Janesville;
  • Melissa Kautz of Janesville;
  • Ling Chung Leung of Madison;
  • Luis Magana of Janesville;
  • Stacy McCauley of Janesville;
  • Collin Mitchell of Janesville;
  • Robert Mullis of Sharon;
  • Kristen Nyhus of Janesville;
  • Jennifer Rich of Janesville;
  • Adam Santas of Janesville;
  • Dax Skildum of Janesville;
  • Kristin Stearns of Janesville;
  • Daniel Swales of Janesville; and,
  • Tisa Lefaive of Whitewater.


Students awarded the UW Colleges Associate of Arts & Science degree have successfully completed a minimum of 60 prescribed credits. The Associate of Arts & Science degree is the foundation for many majors in the UW System and is generally accepted by University of Wisconsin institutions as fulfilling university-wide, college and school general education requirements.

The Associate of Arts & Science degree aims to provide qualified students of all ages and backgrounds with the proficiencies and breadth of knowledge that prepare them for baccalaureate and professional programs, for lifelong learning and leadership, service and responsible citizenship.

For more information about UW-Rock County, visit rock.uwc.edu.  Commencement ceremonies for all students earning a degree during the 2016/17 academic year will be held on the UW-Rock County campus on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 beginning at 6:30 p.m.



Shawna Connor