Women's Basketball

Coaching Staff

coach Scott LeeScott Lee, head coach
Phone: (608) 436-4739 (Cell)
(608) 743-6442 (Work)
(608) 758-6565, ext. 693 (Coach's Office) 
Fax: 608/758-6564


Coach Barnstable, assistant coach
Phone: (608) 752-0422 (Home)
(608) 449-6957 (Cell)



Women's Basketball Schedule 2014-2015
Date Opponent Site Time Score
11/1/2014 UW-Marinette UW-Marinette 5:30pm  65-88
11/4/2014 Illinois Valley Community College Illinois Valley Community College 5:30pm  64-61
11/8/2014 UW-Marathon UW-Marathon 1:00pm  71-62
11/10/2014 UW-Richland UW–Richland 5:30pm  60-46
11/12/2014  MATC  MATC 5:30pm 64-87
11/14/2014 UW-Fond du Lac UW-Fond du Lac 5:30pm  66-64
11/17/2014 UW-Manitowoc UW-Manitowoc 6:00pm 81-24 
11/19/2014 UW-Waukesha UW-Rock County 5:30pm  97-67
11/21/14  Carl Sandburg Classic  Carl Sandburg Classic TBA 57-84
11/22/14  Carl Sandburg Classic  Carl Sandburg Classic TBA 93-101
11/25/2014 College of Lake County College of Lake County 6:00pm  53-46
11/29/2014 UW–Marshfield UW-Rock County 1:00pm  83-68
12/6/2014 UW–Fox Valley UW-Rock County 1:00pm  55-85
12/10/2014 UW-Washington UW-Washington 5:30pm  
12/13/2014 UW-Barron County UW-Rock County Cancelled  
1/6/2015 Oakton Community College Oakton 5:00pm  
1/7/2015 UW Manitowoc UW-Rock County Cancelled  
1/10/2015 UW-Barron County UW-Barron County Cancelled  
1/12/2015 UW-Waukesha UW-Waukesha 5:30pm  
 1/16/2015 UW–Washington  UW-Rock County Cancelled  
 1/17/2015 UW-Marinette  UW-Rock County  1:00pm  
 1/24/2015 UW-Marathon  UW-Rock County  1:00pm  
 1/26/2015 UW-Fond du Lac UW-Rock County  5:30pm  
 1/28/2015 UW–Fox Valley UW-Fox Valley  5:30pm  


UW-Rock County Cancelled  


UW–Marshfield 1:00pm  

 WCC Playoffs

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 WCC Playoffs

WCC Playoffs TBA  

 WCC Championships

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 WCC Championships

Wisconsin Dells TBA  

Women's Basketball Practice Schedule

Women's Basketball History

UW-Rock County basketball dates back to 1966 when the team began under the direction of a student coach. Pete Mory, physical education professor, coached the team from 1967-73. The team practiced at the Janesville Armory and played games at Franklin Middle School.

In 1974, Coach Williams became head coach when Mory decided to devote time to beginning a soccer team at UW-Rock County. Practice and games were held at Milton College or the Boys Club in Beloit.

In the 1980s, practice was held at Wilson Elementary School and games at Edison Middle School. In 1982, Mark Neuman, math professor, became head coach and construction was completed on Wells Cultural Center. A gymnasium on the lower level of the new building was opened and became home to UW-Rock County athletic teams.

In the early 1990s, Coach Gibbs led the team to two conference championships and one state championship. State budget strains in the mid-'90s led to the discontinuation of the basketball program.

In the 2003-04 season, basketball was welcomed back to UW-Rock County under the direction of head coach John Livsey. Livsey coached through the 2006-07 season.

New in 2007 is Scott Lee, head basketball coach for both the men's and the newly formed women's teams.