Todd Levine

Todd Levine

Biological Sciences

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Todd Levine is a Lecturer in Biology at the University of Wisconsin – Rock County and a consultant in the biological sciences. His research is focused on ecology and evolution, usually explicitly considering spatial and temporal dimensions. Most of this work is guided by the needs of the ecological management community, but is focused on basic research topics, such as niche ecology and population genetics. He grew up near the confluence of the Mississippi, Missouri, Meramec, Ohio and Illinois rivers and earned his BS and BA at the University of Missouri – St. Louis.

Along the way, he completed both a Research Experience for Undergraduates program at the University of Michigan Biological Station and the Wilderness and Civilization program at University of Montana. He has taught at several levels, including at working with K-12 programs at a nature area, various bear outreach programs, an NSF-funded workshop teaching conservation genetics and inquiry for high school teachers and lab components of undergraduate courses. He completed his doctoral degree at Miami University in 2009 and a post-doctoral position at Hancock Biological Station (part of Murray State University). He seeks out both traditional and non-traditional venues for teaching and research, combining his work and love of nature. Join him in August 2014 to visit the subarctic, where polar bears play, to explore the biological dimensions of climate change.


BA Biology; BA Political Science; PhD Zoology (emphasis: Ecology)