Returning Adult Students

UW-Rock County can help you fulfill your dream of a UW degree!

Step 1
Align yourself with an advisor who cares

If you’re a bit nervous at the prospect of returning to school, we understand. It’s our business to help you. More than 46% of our students are 22 or older. That means you’ll benefit from services designed with the adult student in mind. It also means you’ll fit right in.

At UW-Rock County you’ll have an advisor who is dedicated to meeting the needs of adult students. Someone who understands your unique needs. Someone who listens. Someone who is even available by appointment in the evening to meet with you. It’s the kind of personal attention that makes adults feel comfortable here.

Marylee Kishel is UW-Rock County’s adult student advisor. Contact Marylee by calling (608) 758-6565 ext. 280 or e-mail

Step 2
Surround yourself with distinguished faculty in a small class environment

UW-Rock County faculty are chosen for their expertise in their academic area and for their ability to teach. Consistently recognized for their teaching excellence, our faculty are eager to share knowledge and engage you in the subject at hand.

Speaking of the classroom, you’ll never feel like a number here. With an average class size of 24 students, your professors really get to know you and help you learn. That kind of attention makes it much easier to succeed and achieve your goals. Such success is also reflected in graduation rates. On average, students who start with the UW Colleges and transfer to the UW baccalaureate campuses are far more likely to graduate than the students who transfer from the technical colleges, private schools or other UW institutions.

Step 3
Take the courses you want at convenient times

You lead a busy life with job and family responsibilities and other time constraints. You need classes designed to accommodate your schedule. That’s why we offer courses days, evenings, throughout the year and online through UW Colleges Online.

Step 4
Embrace what’s right for you: pursue a degree or simply enjoy learning

At UW-Rock County, you can start or continue your degree by taking general education courses. Become a better thinker, communicator and leader – skills employers value.

The Associate of Arts and Science Degree encompasses the liberal arts, which are the foundation for many majors and for acquiring a bachelor’s degree. With just 60 credits, you’ll have a valuable degree in hand that:

  • Speaks of advanced skills to employers
  • Documents an important accomplishment
  • Enables you to put three powerful words on your resume: University of Wisconsin

And talk about flexibility: you can complete part or all of your associate degree online. The associate degree complements our Guaranteed Transfer Program. If you sign up for this program, you are guaranteed admission to a UW four-year campus to complete your bachelor’s degree.

Of course, if you want to stay close to home you can easily finish your bachelor’s degree here. We’ve teamed up with UW-Milwaukee, UW-Platteville, UW Oshkosh and UW-Whitewater to offer bachelor’s degrees right here at UW-Rock County. Ask your advisor for details.

Step 5
Explore the financial advantages

UW-Rock County offers one of the best values for a college education in Wisconsin. Our low tuition and outstanding academics translate into a cost-effective investment in higher education.

Financial aid is an important part of the education equation for many students. Your advisor can help you with your specific questions. Visit the UW Colleges Financial Aid page for information.

Step 6
Get in touch with UW-Rock County today!

Contact Student Services at (608) 758-6565 ext. 200 or by e-mail to ask your questions or make an appointment with an advisor. We’re ready to help you fulfill your dream of a UW degree!