Returning Adult Students

returning student graduate

Have any of these thoughts crossed your mind as you considered going back to college to earn your degree?

"I'm too old to go back to school."
"I don't have the time to go back to school."
"I've been out of school for too long."
"I didn't do that well in high school or college."

Many adults think these very same things. Yes, you are busy. Yes, you may have doubts. Yes, your time is precious. And, yes, you absolutely can do this!

It’s never too late to start or finish your degree, and with evenings and online classes, financial aid and scholarships, it’s more possible than ever before.

Complete your Associates Degree in Rock County where tuition is 30 percent lower than four-year UW campuses.

Get answers to your questions on the Adult Student FAQ page.

View courses visit the Course Schedules Page.

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Contact the Solution Center at (608) 758-6565 ext. 200 or by e-mail to ask your questions or make an appointment with an advisor. We’re ready to help you fulfill your dream of a UW degree!