Tuition, Fees & Due Dates

Lowest Tuition

UW-Rock County tuition and fees are among the lowest in the University of Wisconsin System.

Tuition is set by the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents. Student fees are recommended by each local campus, reviewed by the Chancellor and approved by the Board of Regents.

Please visit the UW Colleges website for the following:

Please see the Additional Fees page for campus-specific fees.

2014-15 Fall and Spring Tuition & Fees
*Segregated fees are charges, in addition to instructional fees, assessed to all students for student services, activities, programs, and facilities that support the mission of the University of Wisconsin System institutions.
  WI and MN Residents Non-Residents MSEP BAAS Residents BAAS Non-Residents BAAS MN Reciprocity
Full Time Tuition (12-18 credits) $2,375.16 $5,867.04 $3,562.80      
Segregated Fees* $184.09 $184.09 $184.09      
Total Full Time Tuition & Fees $2,559.25 $6,051.13 $3,746.89       
Part Time Tuition (per credit) $197.93 $488.92 $296.90 $262.43 $577.97 $283.26
Segregated Fees (per credit)* $15.34 $15.34 $15.34 $15.34 $15.34 $15.34
Total Part Time Tuition & Fees (per credit) $213.27 $504.26 $312.24  $277.77 $593.31 $298.60

Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP)

UW-Rock County participates in the MSEP. If you are a resident of Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska or North Dakota and are going to continue to stay a resident of your home state, you may be eligible to pay 150% of in-state tuition versus the higher cost of non-resident tuition rates. Please contact Carey Wilson at (608) 758-6565 ext. 220 to determine eligibility for this program. Read more about the MSEP

Winterim 2014 Tuition & Fees
  WI & MN Residents Non-Residents
Part Time Tuition (per credit)  $197.93 $488.92
Segregated Fees (per credit) $0.00 $0.00
Total Part Time Tuition & Fees (per credit) $197.93 $488.92

Additional Help

UW-Rock County Business Office staff can help you understand tuition and additional fees.

Please visit the central Business Office page on the UW Colleges website for detailed information including misc. fees, Red Flag Rules and 1098-T Forms.