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To get the best selection of courses, apply and register for courses as soon as possible.  If you need help with course selection, an advisor in Student Affairs can assist you -- just call (608) 758-6565 ext. 200 to make an appointment. 
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The average financial aid recipient at UW-Rock County gets $7,237 in grants, loans and work-study funds. Find out more about financial aid and scholarships that can help cover your tuition and other expenses.
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Applying to UW-Rock County is easy --  just complete the online application.
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UW-Rock County is a welcoming place for all students, including students who may have graduated from high school many years ago. Whether you are starting or completing a degree or looking for a new career path as an adult student, we have the resources you need to succeed
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Becoming a UW-Rock County student is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Apply online for admission to UW-Rock County at and pay the $44 application fee. 

Step 2: Have official transcripts and Advance Placement (AP) scores sent from your high school and any colleges you’ve attended to UW Colleges. Note: High school students who apply before actually graduating from high school, will have to re-submit a final official high school transcript. A copy of a GED or HSED transcript is also acceptable.

Step 3: Send a copy of your ACT scores to UW Colleges as soon as you submit your application if you will be graduating from high school or have graduated from high school within the last two years. You can ask your high school to send this with your transcripts or you can order it at www. if you didn’t have it sent to UW-Rock County when you took the test.
Note: Applications will be processed only after you complete Steps 1-3 above.

After UW Colleges receives your application, application fee, official transcripts and ACT scores, you will receive an admission letter from UW-Rock County. Typically this occurs within two weeks of receiving the required information. If you have not received an admission letter after two weeks of submitting all of your admissions materials, please contact UW Colleges.

Another important step is to apply for federal financial aid at and use the UW Colleges Code #003897 for UW-Rock County on the form. The earlier you apply after January 1, the more opportunities you may have for certain types of financial aid. For full consderation of financial aid options apply by April 15. Also look for scholarship opportunities. If you need assistance with applying for financial aid, please contact Student Services at (608) 758-6565 ext. 200.

If you’d like to take the next step in getting to know UW-Rock County better visit UW-Rock County.