Youth Options

The Youth Options Program (YOP) allows all public high school juniors and seniors who meet certain requirements to take postsecondary courses at an institution of higher education or a Wisconsin technical college. An institution of higher education includes UW System institutions, tribally controlled colleges and private, nonprofit institutions.

The program opens the door to greater learning opportunities for students who wish to begin college early, want to prepare for the workforce immediately after high school graduation or are considering a technical career.

Download the Youth Options Checklist

Who is Eligible to Enroll?

Credit outreach classes in the high schools are open to students who:

  • Have either junior or senior status;
  • Are in good academic standing and have an acceptable disciplinary record;
  • Possess a Grade Point Average of at least 2.5 on a 4-point scale.

Dual Enrollment

If approved by the school board, the student will receive both high school and postsecondary credit for a successfully completed course. A grade that constitutes a failing grade for a course offered in the school district constitutes a failing grade for a course taken at an institution of higher education. One semester credit offered by a postsecondary course is equivalent to ¼ high school credit. {PI 40.07 (2), Wis. Admin. Code}

Tuition and Fees

The school board must pay for:

  • Any course taken for both high school and college credit that is not comparable to a course offered in the school district.
  • Contact YOP Coordinator at the high school for procedure on cost of books, fees and materials.

The student must pay for:

  • Reimbursement for a course that is dropped or failed.

If a student receives a failing grade in a course or fails to complete a course for which the school board has made payment, the student’s parent or guardian (or the student if he or she is an adult) is required to reimburse the school district the amount paid on the student’s behalf, if requested. {§118.55 (7t)(c), Wis. Stats.}

When are the classes held?

Postsecondary courses are held during the high school’s regular academic year. Most courses will be held during regular school hours; however, classes held off high school grounds can vary in times.

Is it possible to drop a class?

Courses can be dropped, but must follow the postsecondary institution’s schedule. The student must pay for reimbursement for a course that is dropped or failed.


Students interested in taking a credit outreach class need to complete the UW System special student application. They can be completed online at, obtained through the high school guidance office or by contacting the Office of Continuing Education at (608) 758-6565 ext. 360.

UW System Background & Rationale

UW System institutions, where possible, provide services to high school students wishing to obtain college credit while enrolled in high school. The University of Wisconsin Colleges is a multi-campus institution that prepares students for success at the baccalaureate level of education, provides the first two years of a liberal arts general education that is accessible and affordable, and advances the Wisconsin Idea by bringing the resources of the University to the people of the state and the communities that provide for and support its campuses. High-school-to-college transition programs demonstrate the UW System’s commitment to maintaining access and affordability in higher education and advancing the Wisconsin Idea through collaborative efforts with K-12 schools. UW System courses offered for credit at Wisconsin high schools provide an opportunity for academically qualified high school students to engage in special college-level learning experiences.